missing someone

trying some new stuff and tricks on the rest of this europe tour. things might sound a little different but definitely keeping it euro friendly.

05/19 Holland - Amsterdam - Paradiso w/ ABE VIGODA
05/20 Belgium - Brussels - AB Club w/ ABE VIGODA
05/21 UK London - Stag and Dagger w/ ABE VIGODA
05/22 UK Leeds - Stag and Dagger w/ ABE VIGODA
05/23 UK Glasgow - Stag and Dagger
05/24 UK Birmingham - Rainbow Room w/ DJ Jacob Safari
05/25 France Paris - Fleche Do'r w/ ABE VIGODA
05/26 Switzerland - Zurich - Stall 6 w/ ABE VIGODA
05/27 France - Lyon - Grrrd Zero w/ ABE VIGODA
05/28 France - Marseille - B-Side Fest @ Cabaret Aleatoire w/ ABE VIGODA
05/29 Spain - Barcelona - Primavera Festival
05/30 Italy - Turin - Spazio 211
05/31 Switzerland Dudingen-Fribourg - Bad Bonn Kilbi

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  1. Hey you guys
    I just fall in love with you after the primavera gig!
    And also I realize that Jon looks-alike "kimi" the bad guy from a 90's spanish teen show called "compaƱeros"= Mates
    http://www.zonadvd.com/imagenes/noticias/2006_01_deaplaneta/companeros.jpg <--take a look!

    And Hello from Grosman, of Grabba grabba tape, too (he's my boyfriend)