w/ wavves and smitty in west palm beach BROOOOOOOO


San jose airport

San Jose samurai. I love puppies and kittens and small children. Hi mom!


mtvU: Ahead Of The Curve


Just got this

This limited-edition 12" vinyl features four reinterpretations of tracks from Mates of State's 2008 release, re-arrange us, with contributions from noted remixologists DJ Sega, Flosstradamus, The Mae Shi, and RAC. Packaged in a classic DJ white sleeve, this 12" EP is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Four tracks: you are free (the mae shi remix) / re-arranger (flosstradamus remix) / now (rac remix) / help help (dj sega philly club remix)

Get your copy of this here: http://www.barsuk.com/shop/bark086

Sega's mix is HUGE.

i kind of like this. A LOT.



04/25 Salem - Williamette’s Wulapalooza Music Festival (Brown Field)
04/26 LA - Part Time Punks @ The Echo w/ Widow Babies
04/29 West Palm Beach, FL - Sunfest w/ Wavves & 311


05/10 UK Minehead - All Tomorrow's Parties: Fans Strike Back
05/12 UK London - Bardens Boudoir w/ ABE VIGODA
05/13 UK Cardiff - Buffalo Bar w/ ABE VIGODA
05/14 UK Manchester - Deaf Institute w/ ABE VIGODA
05/15 UK Brighton - The Great Escape
05/16 Holland - Utrecht - Klub Radar @ Tivoli-De-Helling w/ ABE VIGODA
05/17 Germany - Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg w/ ABE VIGODA
05/18 Germany - Wiesbaden w/ ABE VIGODA
05/19 Holland - Amsterdam - Paradiso w/ ABE VIGODA
05/20 Belgium - Brussels - AB Club w/ ABE VIGODA
05/21 UK London - Stag and Dagger w/ ABE VIGODA
05/22 UK Leeds - Stag and Dagger w/ ABE VIGODA
05/23 UK Glasgow - Stag and Dagger
05/24 UK Birmingham - Rainbow Room w/ ABE VIGODA, DJ Jacob Safari
05/25 France Paris - Fleche Do'r w/ ABE VIGODA
05/26 Switzerland - Zurich - Stall 6 w/ ABE VIGODA
05/27 France - Lyon - Grrrd Zero w/ ABE VIGODA
05/28 France - Marseille - B-Side Fest @ Cabaret Aleatoire w/ ABE VIGODA
05/29 Spain - Barcelona - Primavera Festival
05/30 Italy - TBA
05/31 Switzerland Dudingen-Fribourg - Bad Bonn Kilbi

06/07 Mexico - Monterrey - Parque Fundidora


The view

Home sweet home. For a sec


one more time


Anal - izing

Hello. I'm Keex from PRE, PRE toured with Mae Shi in West Coast recently, and I was invited to write stuff on this blog,.
I guess it's pretty boring to write about how our tour was. So I'm gonna write about each characters of Mae Shi members.

Jacob (Drums)
Jacob loves junk food, whenever we stop at a gas station, he buys stuff like above. His staple food in the van is the 'Trail Mix' those salty nuts and m&m's in. We don't have it in England, I never thought salty m&m's were gonna be tasty but it works really well! He got me into those crappy food on the tour.. He also showed me how to make your own hot dogs from you know those hot dogs rolling round and round on the thing in Love's. He said "take a piece of hot dog bun and stick a hot dog inside!" I was quite impressed that you do it yourself and pay at counter.
He's a wizard of mac technology, he's always on his i phone. He is the only Mae Shi member who doesn't drive, but he's always on the case of finding venues and places we need with his i phone, He's so great.
Last year when PRE toured with Mae Shi though, he was the most annoying one judged by me. I don't know why but he started to get on my nerves towards the end of the tour last time. BUT on this tour I completely changed my mind, or maybe he changed? he was super fun & super sweet. I couldn't have lived on the tour without him.

Jeff (Guitar) on the left
He is the most sensible one in the band. Like he eats sensibly. When we got fed pizzas for dinner, he ordered his pizza without cheese and ordered side salad. He never fucks up his part when he plays (that's what he says). He usually goes to bed at sensible time. BUT on the other side of him, he has a very rock n roll life or has done in the past.
Me and him were compeating and telling each other what fucked up stuff we've done before, and we got into the point that was becoming a bit too personal that we stopped telling to impress each other.
He gave me a very cool bandana which is now my favorite fashion item. Thank you Jeff.

John(Vocal/Key etc)
He is the one always looks insane at their shows. But John is the one who looks after everyone and care about everyone so well. I don't mean everyone else doesn't, but John is the one who drives the most, He is the one looks after money and sleeps in the van so that our gear don't get knicked. He's a sweet heart. Once (or twice) when I got so pissed off by my band member Kev, I was ready to give him a loads of shit, But because of what John said to me stopped shouting at Kev. Because John is very forgiving and warm. He's also really fun to hang out with. He picks up and respond to whatever the fuck I do. When I shouted outside at noone from inside the van "TACOS!", He was the only one repeated after me "TACOS!", I was secretly touched then....

Bill(Bass) on the right
He's the most chilled one in the band in the best way. His driving is sometimes a bit wobbly. He didn't eat much on the tour, because he didn't have much money. Sometimes he didn't eat anything till when we got fed in the evening by the venue we played at. He made me think I should do the same. We don't actually need to eat as much as we think, we were sitting in the van most of the times, we didn't use much energy. We eat because we are bored sometimes.
American food are so bad and quantity is so huge. He made me realise that it's so unnesesary to eat 3 times a day and we can live with little money and still have lots of fun.

I miss you all so much. We are family now, aren't we?

Lots of Love



i listen to this song, probably, twenty times a tour.


if you have the chance to see these guys play, you should.

they also have a new 10" out with talbot tagora, another great band, on ol' factory records. you can get that here:



More Tour Dates

04/10 LA - Spaceland w/ Monotonix
04/10 Dallas - UTD (Bark Bark Bark only)
04/25 Salem, OR - Williamette Wulapalooza Music Fest
04/26 LA - Echo (Part Time Punks) w/ Widow Babies
04/29 West Palm Beach, FL - SUNFEST w/ 311!!
05/08-06/01 EUROPE TOUR







pre is gone. my existence is meaningless now.



not in any particular order. sorry.

we have been listening to a lot of weezer in the van.

this is vice cooler's awesome cat that lets you do whatever you want to it.

a little tim and eric before oakland show

fuck 'the thing' in az

stickam action in berkley

i get bored in the van

santa cruz boardwalk 9am

keex got fancy salad in berkley

roswell, new mexico

this bro got a fucking PRE tattoo and has seen them once

my new band name with keex

bill's dream realized

anti bill onion ring in lubbock

some mtv bullshit in austin

some more mtv bullshit in austin

drinking 'ritas on the santa cruz boardwalk

keex explained what 'mae shi' means in japanese

sweet tats in visalia, ca

dust art


keex in front of the crepe place in santa cruz

the coolest flash drive ever. thanks mtv!

we went swimming at jon's aunt and uncles house in visalia

johnny "bloodcum" at our amoeba instore berkley

john and jeff playing house of dead

amazing poster in el paso thrift store

austin bathroom stall. i think its french for "faggot"

this dog stood here for 10 minutes watching us order coffee

crepe place santa cruz. more 'ritas

cool beach dad in santa monica

amoeba instore in berkley

cousins gray