not in any particular order. sorry.

we have been listening to a lot of weezer in the van.

this is vice cooler's awesome cat that lets you do whatever you want to it.

a little tim and eric before oakland show

fuck 'the thing' in az

stickam action in berkley

i get bored in the van

santa cruz boardwalk 9am

keex got fancy salad in berkley

roswell, new mexico

this bro got a fucking PRE tattoo and has seen them once

my new band name with keex

bill's dream realized

anti bill onion ring in lubbock

some mtv bullshit in austin

some more mtv bullshit in austin

drinking 'ritas on the santa cruz boardwalk

keex explained what 'mae shi' means in japanese

sweet tats in visalia, ca

dust art


keex in front of the crepe place in santa cruz

the coolest flash drive ever. thanks mtv!

we went swimming at jon's aunt and uncles house in visalia

johnny "bloodcum" at our amoeba instore berkley

john and jeff playing house of dead

amazing poster in el paso thrift store

austin bathroom stall. i think its french for "faggot"

this dog stood here for 10 minutes watching us order coffee

crepe place santa cruz. more 'ritas

cool beach dad in santa monica

amoeba instore in berkley

cousins gray

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